Travel the world. Eat things. Have a beard.

Our Mission

We love travelling. Like all vegetarians, it's sometimes tough to know what to eat when you hit a new city. Will your options be limited? Will they know what your limitations are? Will you starve to death? Not if we can help it.*

We give our candid opinions on the places we've personally visited, rather than trying to be all things to all people. We love beer too, so expect lots of brew reviews as well. More importantly, we'll let you know when those restaurants we discuss have a decent amount of vege options, or you're going to be stuck with the standard tomato gnocchi that every carnivorous joints falls back on when faced with the realisation that vegetarians do actually consume proteins.

Beards are also cool.

*If you do find yourself starving to death, we take absolutely no responsibility for your poor life choices. 

All photography by The Bearded Vegetarian.