A little bit of Soul Burger goes a long way

SOUL BURGER recently got a bit of media attention when its Plant-Based Disgrace tower of terror went from viral April Fool's Day prank to actual menu item. The stunt apparently worked, giving us an overwhelming need to return and check out the all-vegetarian burger joint in Randwick's food-mecca, The Spot.

When the burger craze hit a number of years ago, and continued to show no signs of slowing down as the years and carb-induced calories kept adding up, herbivores really had few reasons to complain. Most burger joints had at least one dedicated item on the menu, and all-stars like Lord of the Fries and Moo Burger gave us multiple non-meaty options to sink our jaws into. With SOUL BURGER, we've always been a little bit spoiled for choice, with the current menu up to no less than 8 plant-based burgers on the books.

It's very easy for one's eyes to be bigger than one's stomach at SOUL BURGER, the plethora of options packing a surprising punch. Starting with a dripping Spicy Sausage burger - filled with a plant-based sausage, chilli sauce and jalapeƱos for a little kick, lettuce, tomato, a delicious herbed mayo and some tomato relish, there's an easy temptation to get a large herb-seasoned (and beer-battered) green fries with aioli. If you do, you'll barely get down the must-have coconut shakes that are a vegan's delight. This alone is a massive feast, so clear your whole day if you are planning a Plant-Based Disgrace instead.

Dovetailing our various loves is a decent selection of craft beer, with Young Henry's available in schooners, or a bottle of Stone & Wood, Feral, Lord Nelson, White Rabbit or the more traditional Corona also available. 

SOUL BURGER is located at The Spot, Randwick 49 Perouse Road Sydney NSW 2031.